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March 03, 2010



You can do this. You can make a difference for Pumpkin. And for Tigger. And if anyone tells you that you can't -- or if you tell yourself that you can't -- then call me. I'll tell everyone, in no uncertain terms, that children with autism and children with ADHD can be successful and happy. That your boys will be successful and happy. I know this is true because you are their mom and you will make it true for them.

It will continue to take work. It will make you cry and swear and fight the school system and fight your husband and tell your in-laws and your parents to shove it.

It will also make you laugh. Because special kids are special. They don't see the world the way everyone else does. They will see rainbows where we see suspension bridges. They will invent new meanings for words. They will use their toys in ways that only make sense to them. You will smile when they do this. You will marvel at the utterly cool ways their brains work.

You can do this.


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