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The Basics

Writer, Instructional Designer, Educator, Wife, Mother, once and future traveler. Order depends on the day. I'm in my 40s and usually pretty happy with that. We are proud New Englanders. I've been blogging since 2007, but I knew I wanted to be a writer in the fifth grade.

@ Home in the World

A bunch of women I admire encouraged me to write and collect the stories of our Russian adoption experience. The journeys to bring home Tigger (10) and Pumpkin (9) were amazing, but as they have now been with us for several years, this blog has evolved. There is still a lot to write about being the mother of kids with mild but challenging special needs, and navigating our way though the great maze of getting them the help they need. I'm just as likely to address the politics of motherhood, working motherhood, and adoption, as well as politics in general. I frequently can't help myself there. The name of the blog came from the desire to continue to travel and to raise our kids with a greater sense of the world than just the small town we live in. My husband (a.k.a. Piper) and I are still working on it.

Beyond the Blackboards

This second blog began as a private notebook of topics related to the professional side of my life. I've been an eLearning Instructional Designer for over ten years, but my first love was K-12 education, and educational technology in particular. Beyond the Blackboards marries these interests with an eye toward the implications of a global workplace, and the world that comes after economic recovery.


I do not do product reviews, but I am happy to discuss education, writing, adoption, and special needs parenting/education. You can reach me at latelierdelisse AT yahoo DOT com, or follow me on Twitter @Lisseintheworld.