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February 28, 2007


Angela Chen Shui


Visiting from BlogHer...

Last night before konking out, I was watching the almost-full moon through my bedroom window and reflecting for the numerous time yesterday on how much I've changed from those 'before children' days.

I feel as if I'm crankier, especially when I try to push and do every last thing on my to do, instead of just picking the main things and allowing that to be...

One of the issues that I don't think we've all come to terms with yet but that affects us all now and for the future balancing of the planet, is hatred of women.

Several of the points you make in your post are symptomatic of this underlying issue.



Thanks for your comment. I think this is different than a hatred (of fear) of women, although it may have its roots there. I think this is more about the kids.

We have half of the country that spouts a whole lotta yap about family values and does little of substance, and then we have the group (increasingly vocal) that seem to view children as an unnecessary evil. The group who seems to say "you chose to have those kids, now keep them out of my way."

Geez, I have enough a reponse for a whole separate post.

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