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September 08, 2009



Amen, Amen, Amen! Please, please tell me you sent this to your local paper.


I'm coming back to this, because your last line has been with me all day. I sometimes have the notion that this kind of divisiveness is unique to the last fifteen years. In fact, extremism (which we so often associate with religion) knows no era. Whether it's the crusades, the reformation, desegregation, or simply the debate over whether we all deserve to be healthy, there are those who would sacrifice the peace and prosperity of their own country just to be "right"

sparkly jules

IMHO, those who kept their children home to avoid the speech by the President should have an "unexcused absence" assigned to them.

If they really, really, really didn't want their kid to watch the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, schools were making accommodations to have the kids do something else during that time.

Encouraging children to ditch school because they don't like something is a very bad behavior to model.

The whole "it's the president" thing is just scary and unbelievably misinformed.


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