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June 16, 2011


sparkly jules

I did not know that Anthony was going after that idiot sleaze Thomas. But it all makes sense, now. Dammit.



I love this post! I actually don't think the call for resignation was about the sex (though perhaps I am naive that way- someone did mention to me that bad judgment translates, though I don't know that I agree). I think it was about the lying and cover-up in the wake of the sexting. And that's a bigger problem. I think the public (and the congressional democrats) could have/would have/have forgiven the sex scandal itself.

In any event, good for you for saying it like you see it!


Oh,thank you for this. Thank you.

My district is adjacent to his, so perhaps I'm hearing about it even more than the rest of the world. But I'd like to be talking about nearly anything besides Weiner. And weiner jokes.

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